Sunday, February 1, 2015

<include --optional>

Bedrock 2.4.1-10 now includes a new option of the <include> tag.  The new --optional argument, will prevent Bedrock from throwing an exception if your include file is not found.  This might be useful for those situations where you might want to conditionally include a file.

<include:foo --optional>

There a couple of old school ways of achieving the same thing.

<if -e --file ($config.INCLUDE_DIR + '/')>



Either way you slice it, the old school way seems forced.  The --optional tag is admittedly syntactic sugar, but a welcome sweetener!

Cookieless Sessions - Automatically Login Your Users

The default Bedrock persistence store, implemented via the $session object has the ability to create a token (session identifier) you can use to automatically log your users into your applications.

This is a useful feature for resetting passwords and perhaps creating convenience links for fast access to application specific pages that would normally require a user to login to the application.  Here's how it works...