Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to OpenBedrock

OpenBedrock is a blog mainly about programming, specifically in the cloud, and more specifically about using Perl and Bedrock.   If you've never heard of Bedrock before, you're not alone.  It's YATL (yet another templating language) written in Perl that implements a web development framework.  Quick example to show you what I mean...

 <sqlselect "select * from customer">
    <td><var $name></td>
    <td><var $phone</td>

Hopefully, you get the gist.  If you want more info, visit the wiki - - there's a heck of lot more Bedrock can do.

The blog will contain lot's of other information regarding Perl, cloud computing, Linux and other hopefully useful tidbits.  I know they'll at least be useful to me.

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