Saturday, October 18, 2014

AWS with Bedrock

I'm starting to tinker with using Amazon's web services from Bedrock pages.  Embedding AWS in Bedrock applications is not new - particularly if you are running Bedrock on an EC2 instance, RDS (hosted MySQL) or you are using Amazon's S3 object storage system.   There are other Amazon web services that are particularly useful in any web development environment, exposing these to Bedrock pages looks interesting.
Among the various Amazon web services, I find that these are particularly useful:

  • EC2 instance - the server that runs the LAMB stack
  • S3 - Amazon's Simple Storage Service
  • RDS - Amazon's Relational Data Service (hosted MySQL)
  • SQS - Amazon's Simple Queue Service used for message passing on the backend
  • SNS - Amazon's Simple Notification Service for creating and handling notifications

There are other Amazon web services that I have yet to explore and exploit.  These include:

SES - Amazon's Simple E-Mail Service for sending email
ElastiCache - Amazon's hosted in-memory key/valuer store, the two flavors of which are (Redis and Memcached)
DynamoDB - Amazon's NoSQL database
CloudSearch - Amazon's managed search service

At some point I'll try to create some examples using these services with Bedrock - should be fun!

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