Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 Reasons to Love Your Chromebook

I'm still adjusting to my gorgeous CB5-571 - Acer 15.6 Chromebook with 1080p Full HD display after using the

Acer C720 for nearly two years.  I love my itty bitty little C720 and it' still fantastic for traveling and throwing on the couch, but wait until you see the 15.6" Acer Chromebook.  Screen is amazing.  Videos and sound are awesome!  It's big, so if you want to lug a big laptop, this one's for you.  I'm holding off on the full review until I've had a full month with the beast, but it really is an amazing piece of technology for the money.  Gushing on my Chromebook made me list the 5 things I love about my Chromebook the most.

  1. It works - always.  You really can't take that for granted.  I see so many people struggling with Windows updates and Windows in general.  Even my Macbook wants me to apply updates more frequently and less transparently than I would like.  And when I say it works, I mean it turns on fast, and provides me with the tools I need in an instant.  I'm not going to pontificate about how you can do everything you need to do with Chromebooks (except run MS Office), because that argument is never going to resonate with people who are tethered to Microsoft's ecosystem.
  2. It's fast.  My new CB5-571 with dual core 1.5Ghz celeron 3205u flies.  Even my C720 is fast enough and speed really has never been an issue.  Boot times are ridiculously fast, smooth video and audio make this a perfect device for me.
  3. Battery Life. 7-9 hours of battery life is not a lie (depending on usage, screen brightness).  Flying from Philadelphia to Las Vegas I was on-line the whole flight thanks to my free GoGo Inflight sessions I got with my C720.  I still have about 7 sessions left!
  4. Cloud Environment.  Pay attention - this is an important point!  Going Chromebook has forced me to think of my personal computing in a whole new way.  Embracing the cloud frees you from your device.  Now I can use ANY Chrome enabled computer to access my documents, productivity tools, etc.  Internet access is now like electricity.  It's ubiquitous.  That means it's everywhere folks!  Is there really much you can do with a computer these days without internet access?
  5. Inexpensive. No, I didn't say cheap.  Cheap means low-cost with low value.  This is high value at a low cost - that's inexpensive.  When you can get a device that gives you access to as much computing power as a Chromebook does for less than $200, it changes the way you think about your computing device.  While not (yet) a disposable appliance, it's coming.  The Chromebit will eventually be a give away at trade shows like USB devices.  Chromebooks are so inexpensive now that I don't stress over losing mine.  I still take good care of them, because I love me some Chromebook!

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