Monday, December 16, 2013

Chromebook - Acer C720 Day 20

Still loving my Chromebook!  No change on my VPN woes yet, but I'm fairly confident my network ninja at corporate will figure it out.  In the mean time I continue to read the Google Chromebook forums trying to learn about it and what potential issues people have.  I was able to help someone who thought they had a Chromebook issue, but it was more than likely a problem with their Comcast router.!category-topic/chromebook-central/chromebook/KrJeHbucaMg

Most of the problems I see that people have are because they do not understand what a Chromebook is.  There have been some reported hardware issues, but I suspect that those are few and far between and easy to spot and correct (send it back to Amazon if you we smart enough to order it from there!)

As mentioned in the forum link above my Linksys router DNS caching bug was vanquished by using Google's nameservers which is an option in the Chromebook's network setup.

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