Monday, December 30, 2013

Chromebook - Acer C720 A Month Later

After a month of using my Acer C720 I can say that I am one darn happy customer. Apparently I'm not alone.

From today - 

"A quick check of the current list of best selling laptops on (AMZN_) shows the top two products are currently the Samsung Chromebook ($243.22 plus free shipping) and the AcerC270 ($199)."

I mentioned the Chromebook to a colleague at work and he bought one for his high school age son for Christmas.  He loves it and has been surfing, doing his homework and listening to music since Christmas day.

For $200 this is the best "laptop" available in my opinion.  Does it have all the features of a Windows or Mac laptop?  Nope.  But it does have all the necessary features without all of the things that make those other devices second best...namely:
  • a higher price tag
  • attractive to viruses
  • vulnerable to loss of data
  • heavy to carry
  • quickly obsolete 
Some of the apps I've used recently that have kept my Mac book from being turned on:

  • pixlr - Image editing application
  • Google Docs - Documents
  • Google Slides - Presentations
  • <txt> - text editing
  • crosh - ssh
Love me some Chromebook!

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